“After years of searching for just the right conducting stick, my needs were finally addressed when I obtained the PaGu 'Flat Spot' baton along with the Maestro case. They're both perfect in every sense of the word. In the future, whether lecturing or guest conducting, rest assured that my satisfaction for these products will be shared with teachers and young musicians throughout the world.”
James Swearingen
Composer / Arranger / Professor Emeritus
Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

“PaGu batons are amazing! We ordered one for our conducting teacher and he loves it. It was exactly what we were looking for, beautiful design and perfect balancing.Thanks Phil!”
Sam Goodhead

“I am honored to have a baton designed for me and named the JoAnn Falletta signature baton. Phil Aguglia’s batons are truly works of art-elegant, balanced, proportioned and beautiful. I use them exclusively, and am always extremely comfortable working with them”
JoAnn Falletta
Musical Director for the
Buffalo Philharmonic and Virginia Symphony

“For a conductor, a baton is such a personal and important issue that it is often difficult to find the perfect one incorporating all of the components you desire.  I found that in PaGu Batons, the combination of lightness, strength and particularly balance are perfect – the first time I have ever been able to say this. I strongly recommend that my colleagues try PaGu Batons, handmade to their needs and specifications.”
Maximiano Valdés
Music Director Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico
Artistic Director Festival Casals
Artistic Director Festival Interamericana

“The new super stick batons from PaGu Batons were outstanding. They gave me even more control than the standard ones, which is saying something. There’s equal balance in fast and slow tempi with the flexibility to show phrases with ease. I can’t say enough about the quality of these new batons from PaGu Batons.”

"PaGu batons have a design and feel that is a dream for a conductor. It facilitates music making at the highest level." 
Sean O'Loughlin
Principal Pops Conductor of Symphoria

“Yes, you can conduct without a baton, but his is because you want your hand to be really connected to your musical thinking…and a perfectly crafted baton is an extension of your hand.” “Thanks Phil, you really did the magic, and I adore what I got… no comparison to any other manufacturer in the world…”
Marco Ossani
Bologna, Italy

“PaGu Batons has proven itself to be a reliable company that definitely won't disappoint. The Class of 2010 ordered a personalized baton for our band director, and we were not disappointed! PaGu Batons sent us a high quality, well-balanced baton that we feel was worth every penny. Not only was the product beautifully made, but the customer service was excellent! PaGu contacted us not only to make sure we were happy with the ordering process, but to offer to get the product to us quickly if we needed it. We needed it only two weeks later, and the baton was shipped quickly in a tight, very tough and well packed tube. With lots of wonderful options, beautiful products, and great customer service, PaGu Batons is definitely worth it! Thank you for this wonderful experience!;” 
Hannah Walter
Carey High School

“I wouldn’t use anything other than my PaGu Baton to conduct Wicked on Broadway. It’s by far the most comfortable baton I have ever used! Thanks Phil!”
Ben Cohn
Broadway Conductor

“You did a great job Phil, fits me perfectly.”
Grant Gilman
Director of Orchestral Studies at
Christopher Newport University