PaGu Batons College Discount Program

Here's how it works:

  1. Professor requests a free discount code from PaGu Batons which will provide 20% off anything on our website which is good for two separate purchases over 1 year.
  2. Teacher gives students the code and a deadline to order on our website allowing two weeks for delivery. Usually the teacher includes the ordering info in the syllabus. Please share your deadline with PaGu Batons as well so that we can anticipate the orders and deliver on time. 
  3. Professor needs to select a shipping program.
  4. Students receive our 30 fit guarantee and one-year warranty.
  5. PaGu Batons “The Fitting Process” which includes full set of PaGu Batons, leather cases and "Fitting" tool.
  6. To get the full program details, click HERE

Contact Phil at [email protected] or 716-200-6518

Fitting Kit