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"Phil-Harmonic" - Flat Spot Baton
Baton, Flat Spot Series, Phil Harmonic, Wood-Pernambuco

"Phil-Harmonic" - Flat Spot Baton

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Handle: 2 1/2" x 1" or 6.4cm x 2.5cm with flat spot
The "Phil-Harmonic" model is a very versatile baton for someone who likes to move their hand around depending on the style they are conducting. It has a large bulb to either tuck into the palm or wrap the fingers around, a wide gully for the fingers to settle into, and a flat spot for the thumb.  It can be held many different way, so when ordering it think about where you want the balance point as that will determine the length and feel of this instrument. "I personally like this model with a basic fulcrum balance so that when I want fast and exciting I hold it where the stick meets the handle, but when I want lush and lingering I hold only the ball and let the tip provide some drag"
- Phil Aguglia, PaGu Batons

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