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Damon Talley Baton
Baton, Damon Talley, Signature Series, Wood-Blue Mahoe

Damon Talley Baton

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Handle: 1 3/4 long x 1 3/16" or 45mm x 30mm


Dr. Talley's baton: 15 1/4" (40cm) long, tension free grip, white shaft
Damon S. Talley, DMA is the Director of Bands and Manship Assoc. Professor of Conducting at Louisiana State University. Dr. Talley contacted me in 2016 to discuss making him a baton that would relieve some of the tension in his shoulder for which he was receiving medical attention. We came up with a baton that is very similar to the Christner Tension Free model but instead of 3/4" in diameter, the Talley model is 1-3/16" in diameter. Dr. Talley's personal baton is 15-1/4" long and is tension free balanced. This is a very comfortable baton and has sold very well at conferences.

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