Conductor Batons: By PaGu - Custom Hand Made Conducting Batons

Phil Aguglia Just a stick with a handle? yes, it used to be, until Phillip Aguglia went on a mission to design and manufacture the perfect conducting instrument. The cliché of Form over Function is true with almost every innovation but not with a PaGu Batons. Your conducting instrument will marry form with function resulting in a natural feeling extension that will fluidly move with the movement of your arm, wrist, hand, fingers to the baton. It all started when Phillip Aguglia felt he needed a better baton than he could find anywhere in the marketplace. He went on a mission to make the perfect conducting baton. His mission lead him on a journey to understanding what materials felt natural in your hand, what shape was best for the autonomy of the human hand, and the algorithm of shape, size and balance that lead to an incredibly accurate fitting system no matter what shape and size of the conductor. The function of the baton lead him to understanding the visibility of the baton from the perspective of the musicians or choir, light reflection, saturation and the metamerics of incandescent stage lighting. The challenge to create the perfect conducting instrument became Phil's life's passion. Today, he represents the leader in custom, hand-made conducting batons. He still works from his wood working shop in Buffalo New York and he is proud to say that almost every world-renowned conductor is holding one of his creations. When you are looking for a custom conducting baton, there is no other option than a PaGu batons, you will not find a better conducting instrument in the world. You are guaranteed that your baton has been made individually by the hands of Philip Aguglia, and not mass-produced like the typical conductors baton. We ask that you follow the fitting instructions to make sure your conducting baton is precisely fitted to the conductor. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a conductor, you have come to the right place. A custom-made conductor baton and case will be a gift that the recipient will cherish for years to come.

Today and beyond:

The PaGu 430 Brand Conductors Baton has evolved into PaGu Batons and continues to grow into a world-wide name for excellence in the art of baton making and our web store is becoming a one-stop shop for conducting supplies. PaGu Batons is continuing to grow into a global brand for hand-made custom batons having a presence in retailers throughout the world.

Who is Phil Aguglia:

Phil Aguglia’s passion for music was ignited as a student in the City of Buffalo School Public School system learning to play the trumpet. He was fortunate to have some amazing teachers that provided many unique opportunities which eventually led him to major in music education at Ithaca College where he received his Bachelors of Music Education and later at SUNY Fredonia to complete his Masters in Music. He is the author of the “Thinking out of the Box” instrumental music curriculum where students can go from beginners to college material in four years of instruction. During his career as an educator he has been blessed with the opportunity to teach in Medford, MA, West Valley, NY, Cleveland Hill USFD in Cheektowaga, NY, and since 2002 Kenmore East High School in Tonawanda, New York. Mr. Aguglia has been recognized for excellence and commitment to music education as the recipient or nominee of over two dozen awards which include the Grammy Foundation, People Magazine, Walt Disney Corporation, Erie County Music Educator Association, The Conn/Selmer Corporation, SUNY Buffalo State, the Buffalo Bills, and more. He is a sought after conductor, clinician, speaker, ?and has proudly served on the board of trustees for the Music is Art organization since 2008. Phil is also the owner and craftsman of PaGu Batons which are the preferred batons of many of the world's most prestigious conductors. Phil and his wife of over twenty years Cindy, have two incredible boys Jacob and Griffin.

Thank you for your interest in PaGu Batons. We hope to work with your for years to come.

Phil Aguglia
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